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I am Mark Davis. I started #EugeneTech Switchboard so that members of the community could help each other out.

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by Steve on Jul 17, 2017

Local Internet Service Providers

Howdy, I'm looking for a recommendations for an Internet Service Provider in Eugene. Here's the requirements: * Internet only, not interested in television or phone. * Minimum 20/5Mbs up/down. * No data cap or throttling. * Static/fixed IP address, not dynamic IP. * Located in the Friendly residential neighborhood in Eugene. Nice to have: * Option to self-install own DSL or cable modem. * Supports Net Neutrality * Respects privacy Thanks for any recommendations or opinions.

by Joseph on Jul 25, 2017

Web Developer Needed

Hi Friends, We roast coffee and need your help!  Can you knock out a small project with us in exchange for a whole bunch of great coffee?  We need a web dev who can help us to integrate recurring payments with Stripe and our hosted website with BigCommerce.  Are you the coffee loving person we are  looking for? Here is our website:

by Jenna on Jul 20, 2017

Monthly Makers' Market 7/26

Meet & greet / social meetup for local craft-industry entrepreneurs! Recurring event, each month on the LAST Wednesday of the month. Venues rotate. 7/26 Claim 52 Abbey @ Sprout! (418 A St.) 8/30 Plank Town Brewing (346 Main St.) Email if you would like to host one of the meet-ups! About the Booth Kelly Makers District: The Booth Kelly Makers District is a community, destination, and resource for local artisans, built on Springfield's proud heritage of craft. The Makers District is at the heart of downtown Springfield - tethered to the historic Booth Kelly Mill complex - and includes Main Street and adjacent blocks as well as outlying nodes in Glenwood, east Springfield, and in the Shelley Street areas. The Booth Kelly Mill is where Springfield got its start, with a lumber industry that catalyzed a community here.

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