RoboFeeder - Open Source RFID Raspberry Pi Node.js Pet Feeder


by Cord Slatton


March 12, 2015

Hello All!

I am reaching the point on my open source RFID pet feeder project that I would like to show it off, 'cause it is really cool! :D The original version I made was Arduino based, but I decided to port it to Raspberry Pi so it was more configurable and because of the easy availability of the networking stack on RasPi.

The original version helped our kitty Oona who needed special food to be able to live a good, healthy life for a lot longer than she might have otherwise, she really loved her special dish that only opened for her :D

The project page isn't quite at the point where you could build one without ever talking to me about it, but it is getting close to that, and why wouldn't you want to say hello anyways?! :D You could certainly build one with a small amount of input from me right now, if you want :D Pictures, wiring diagram and 3d modeled case files are ready, just not added to the project page yet... I would love to see others make this and help their animal friends be happier and healthier.

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