“I was able to get the volunteers I needed and didn't have to ask my friends to help out on yet-another-adventure :)”


Mark Davis shared this story on November 12, 2018

Join the KING-PONG EUCON Comic Con Street Team!

“Hi Folks!  Big thank you for helping to get the word out about our need.  We found a developer in record time and settled the agreement today. WOW!!! I will send other friends to use this network.  Best wishes to all of you.  Mardi ”


Mardi Crane shared this story on September 20, 2018

A freelance iOS person with app development skills

“Just posting to share that I am stoked about the feedback and interest I have received.  Thanks!”


Nathan Gustafson shared this story on April 18, 2018

Looking for fundraisers to support

“Woohoo! I now have enough students registered for the Android App Dev course to ensure that the course won't be cancelled. But, we still have room for more students and there's still time to register!”


Brian Bird shared this story on January 5, 2018

Android App Dev Course - First Week Free!

“Hired 2 great dev's out of Portland (no nibbles in Eugene). Maybe next time!”


Shane Crockett shared this story on October 16, 2017

Web Application Developer REMOTE

“I received a positive and supportive response from the #EugeneTech community. :) ”


Amy Hartsfield shared this story on October 12, 2017

Amy offers information about Library services

“It was great to see everyone in the run up for Maker Faire.  So many new faces as this meetup, we should have more of them!”

“I did change the name of the club to "The Eugene Nonfiction Book Club." Membership's growing steadily, so I'm confident that this is becoming a sustainable book club. The first meeting is this Wednesday.  The Switchboard was very helpful in getting the word out. Thank you!”


Neil Anuskiewicz shared this story on May 22, 2017

The Eugene Nonfiction Book Club

“We had many times the number of tech judges this year.  It was awesome.”


Mark Davis shared this story on April 24, 2017

Hack4Cause needs tech judges

“We received some great candidates for this position.”

“IT WAS AN ACCIDENT. How I reached a level of LinkedIn mastery where someone now even refers me to her network as 'The LinkedIn Guru.' Over 5 years ago, I was spending tireless hours learning to use LinkedIn to network for jobs when I was in graduate school. I'm a firm believer that the more we teach things to others, the more we learn. We not only feel great, but we help others achieve a similar goal we want for ourselves.  So I decided to apply my innate abilities of teaching and educating; helping people brand themselves on LinkedIn and optimize their own profile to help them network and find a new job.  During that time, I was very fortunate through my own research and networking to collaborate and learn from the top LinkedIn 'Influencers,' ambassadors, and staff (such as J.T. O'Donnell, Alyssa Sittig, and Dr. Marla Gottschalk) on how to optimize LinkedIn for networking and career development. I learned more about how the site worked and what the best "tricks and tips" were. Through consistent learning and service to others, I became seen by people as a "LinkedIn expert." In 2016, I was selected by LinkedIn as an industry expert on their Pro Finder feature. I've been featured on sites such as Recruiter.com, WorkitDaily, and KTLA Channel 5 morning news as a Career and LinkedIn Branding expert. To date, I have been able to help out thousands of people optimize their professional brand and profile on LinkedIn to help them grow their network, find a better job, and grow their business. I work primarily with: A) Ambitious women who already have a successful business and want to learn how to specifically use LinkedIn to expand their business. Also independent contractors (male or female) (Real estate agents, Career Coaches, Speakers, Consultants) B) High level or "C" level business professionals looking to make a transition into a different career or industry. ”

“I'd made some good progress on this project, yet felt it would take a while to complete working by myself. I mentioned this to Mark and as if by magic a couple volunteers appeared to help me. Thank you, Mark. We had a brief meeting then immediately setup a Trello board to facilitate coordination and track the project's progress. Some new ideas came up in the discussion. I'm grateful that this community Switchboard exists. It does work! ”

“got two responses.  hired one and waiting to see if they can deliver.”

“The Eugene Switchboard is a great. In this case, the main benefit of this post is that I focused my thoughts more and made some progress on how to frame things. I think writing helps for that. It's also sparked a couple conversations that resulted in some useful feedback. As a result of the sort of thinking I did here, I was able to improve my profile on a job board resulting in an interview with a company I would consider a good place to work. ”


Neil Anuskiewicz shared this story on December 26, 2016

Looking for Sales or Solutions Engineer Job

“I found a taker for the legos.”


Neil Anuskiewicz shared this story on December 11, 2016

Legos to give away

“The community has a very inclusive feel to it compared to other job boards and people have been pretty responsive. I'm surprised that it is so popular and look forward to interacting on switchboard more in the future. ”


Tirzah Brounstein shared this story on October 25, 2016

Jr. Web Developer Position

“Thank you EugeneTech Switchboard.  Our post was successful and we found perfect developers for the grant and for possible future work! ”

Karen Yook shared this story on September 5, 2016

backend software developer wanted

“Some folks were able to attend the show that would not normally be interested or able. More diversity at tech events in important.”


Mark Davis shared this story on March 18, 2016

Big Mix ticket exchange #pledgeforparity

“The proposals came in quickly after posting on the switchboard. Most of them from Facebook. We made our decision by the end of the week and now have a nice list of WordPress devs to call on for projects.”

“Josh's talk was interesting and exciting and filled with robots.”


larry price shared this story on February 4, 2016

EUGLUG talk on hot streaming webapps.